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Originally Posted by almc3 View Post
If it's running fine ,starts easily , does not blow heaps of black smoke , and no black tar around the injectors DO NOT TOUCH as the repair bill to remove and install new injectors will cost you more than the car is worth unless you can do yourself .Injectors are around $540 each x 5 plus minimum of 10 hrs labour -one place quoted $4500 to remove engine as they would not give warranty unless it was removed and injector bores cleaned ,cut the seat and hold down clamp bolt hole helicoiled .I did a leak test and luckily it was #3 injector - had a spare that was cleaned ,retipped and tested for $105 and charged him $200 labour .If you need any info of leak down test -let me know as I have a few photos and posted on this site a couple of months ago.
My 2.7 blows quite a bit of smoke at high load, eg 3/4 to full throttle accelerating up a hill. It's clearly visible in the mirrors. Most of the time there is nothing visible, only under higher loads. Is this normal?

It also makes a bit of a ticking noise under load at higher revs over about 3250RPM. The noise is not there if I just rev under no load. It's not a bearing noise - I know that sound from my youth. It sounds more like tappet noise, but it is only under load & revs, comes on suddenly and not always. It's not exactly loud, but it is very noticeable and distinct (and new). I'm suspecting a dodgy injector, but all my learning with engines to date has been petrol. This is my first diesel, so I am still on the steep bit of the learning curve. Can injectors be noisy? If I invest in a DRB-III emulator, will it give me more information on injector health?

Final question - is an injector puller essential, or only needed if they are tight? Reason for asking, I'm going to do a leak-back test and want to know (if I am up for an injector) if I also need a puller.

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