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Default Hypertech Programmer Feedback

Hi all,

Thought I'd share some feedback on the Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer part number 52501 for our v6 KK's.


Purchased via eBay.

First thing I did was see if there were any updates for the programmer itself, followed the instructions to do so. The CD they provide with the drivers etc didn’t work as I have Windows 10 on my PC, so I called Hypertech and a very helpful person talked me through the process of downloading the driver and software for Windows 10 from their website and talked me through updating my programmer.

Then I plugged it into the OBD2 port on my KK and began the process, it copied the "CAL" from my KK's ECU and then said it did not recognise the CAL. The message then said to update my programmer (again).

So I did, but then the software on my PC told me that there were no updates for the CAL that my programmer had just downloaded from my KK’s ECU…

I think maybe Hypertech had not done an update for our Australian ECU’s yet.

Anyway, the very NEXT day I get an email from Hypertech saying that there is an update avail for my programmer, I was very happy .

Plugged my programmer into my PC and it updated just fine.

Plugged my programmer into my KK and it uploaded its new CAL onto my KK’s ECU just fine. I left all the adjustable parameters in stock form, apart from selecting that I run premium fuel.


Took my KK for a drive and it definitely feels more responsive, the auto trans shifts are firmer.

I am very happy with the way it drives, I would say the programmer is worth its money just for the crisp response you get.

Fuel economy has also improved approx 1-1.5 Liters per 100km now that the accelerator pedal does not need to be pressed as much to drive it the same as before. But it does feel a lot sportier and more fun to drive if you want to, and if you did then there probably wouldn’t be any improvement in fuel economy.

I hooked up my Bluetooth OBD2 transmitter and my torque app on my phone and checked that everything was ok, which it was.

I also did 0-100kmh performance tests before and after the programmer:
Before = 11.6 secs
After = 10.3 secs

I thought that was a good improvement and quantified my feelings from above.

My KK is a 2009 Limited, 100% completely stock, with 161,000kms. The above test was with the shifter in the D position and I did not stall it up on the brake, just floored the accelerator pedal on takeoff.


Hypertech’s website states that this unit can adjust/correct the speedo for changes in tyre size or diff ratios. This was the main reason for me to purchase the programmer.

BUT they don’t offer this feature anymore. I’ve been back and forth with Hypertech over this issue and apparently they deleted this feature “due to issues that occurred”, but have yet to update their website to remove this advertised feature…

I am very disappointed as I just bought this KK with the intention to lift it and fit larger tyres for offroading and was happy to do so given that this programmer would return the speedo, odometer, trip computer, and ESP/TC/ABS back to stock.

Anyway hope this helps anyone considering buying one
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