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ordered the following from Rock Auto.

Harmonic Balancer, Engine & trans mounts, o-rings, thermostat
$167, delivered in 8-12 days

fitted the Harmonic Balancer..I recommend remove bumper,
as this allows impact wrench removal of 3/4" nut without engine turning..AND, when replacing, I was able to get a big socket and extensions to bear on the inner hub face of HB, and hammer it on far enough that the bolt could grab some thread, and used a thin washer to start pulling the HB back on.

Otherwise I (or you) would have to drive to the fastener shop, and buy a longer bolt with the same thread, which would take longer than R&R bumper

It also much easier to line up the keyway, with the bumper off
I lightly filed the leading edge of the pulley keyslot, which helped

time taken for whole job less than 3hrs
White '96 4.0 auto Sports 323k+
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