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had a learning adventure on Jeep Starter motors, following mine had been warning me big time, by sometimes turning the motor VERY slow, barely starting, and I knew it was time to address this I began my investigation, it died my driveway!

replaced it with an O/H spare I had bought of a Jeep owning mechanic.

It just clicked the solenoid, despite passing a bench test.

I dismantled it, and saw 2 of the brush retaining springs had come adrift, presumably at O/H, and they were inferior design to the OEM type. I managed to get it back together, bench tested ok, installed it..still just clicked.

applying a ring spanner across all 3 terminals, and the car starts instantly. My diagnosis..Solenoid contacts unable to pass full starter current, no repair possible, other than replace solenoid.

So i removed a known good SM from my black spare, and installed that..all good

I also dismantled the original failed unit, it was Chrysler original, full of scum, and very worn brushes...however, as I needed to move my black one, I fitted it, and it now works fine is needed to remove the brush assembly from the end cap in order to assemble. The screws are super tight, and easily stripped out. You should start where I ended up, Impact driver, correct bit & valve grind paste on bit

The Jeep-owning mechanic had made a mess of them

2nd the youtube vid on O/H before you do...there is a couple of ball bearings will fall out and be lost, if you are not aware of them
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