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Originally Posted by Roady View Post
Not sure about the JK diff but couple years ago I put a TJ 44 into my ZJ and used the ZJ discs. I had to get some deeper axle retainer's from the States to allow this. Only because the TJ didn't have disc's and the ZJ did. I also had to get all the mounting's changed obviously to fit it in there.
Best way is try matching your backing plate up and see if the holes match then the callipers too I guess. Ok, so long as you got spare and access to the diff housing.
Be following this for future.
Thanks Roady, That again is good information the 2014 JK Rear had Disks so it may not be a problem but it is good to know I will keep an eye on it.

Tell me how did your ZJ like the TJ 44 in the rear?
Regards, Goneagain. It's somewhere around here ...
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