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Default XJ Steering Brace - FROM M.O.R.E

Whats it do?

If your running tyres that are larger than standard, there is always extra strain on your vehicle. One place that will always suffer most is the steering box. MORE in the USA have designed a bolt on steering brace that not only heavy duty but fits up in minutes. It is a very cheap piece of insurance to prevent the steering box from being torn off the frame.

The brace is painted with a tough "Hammerite" silver-gray paint and the clamp is zinc plated gold. All mounting hardware included, simple bolt-on design. No drilling or mods required (for right hand drive air-con pipe needs moving).

Time to make it work
Where do I start? Fitting this product up is very simple. The instructions supplied are designed for a left hand drive vehicle but can easily be understood for a right hand drive. The two halfs of the coupling fit perfectly around the flange of the steering box, with them in place you then proceed to fit the actual arm.

You will find that the air conditioner pipes will be in the way. If you remove the bracket holding them in place you will be able to move them about 10mm out of the way and attach the face plate for the arm onto the chassis rail.

All in all its a simple install, easy to understand and will give you the extra confidence that the steering will remain in place when you are wheeling.

From M.O.R.E
We specialize in providing quality products for Jeep® vehicles. We have been in the 4-wheel drive parts & accessory industry since 1978, and use our own Jeep® vehicles for daily driving, exploring, rock-crawling, camping, fishing/hunting, gettin' stuck, and racing around with our buddies!

We have two main goals: To make every product that we manufacture the best that it can be, and to treat you, our customer, with respect. M.O.R.E. is still a small company and we try to give personalized service to all of our customers.

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