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I can speak from personal experience... I spent more than 18 months trying to get one particular fault sorted with Jeep service departments who proved to be not only disinterested but flat out incompetent. It wasn't until I made contact with Ashton via Destroy My Jeep that I actually managed to get FCA's attention (up to that point they kept deferring to the dealers erroneous opinion). Very thankful to Ashton for his assistance in escalating the matter.

From that point, FCA sent out their own technician who diagnosed the fault about 2 mins after putting the thing on a hoist, and resulted in a new rear diff being fitted. The FCA tech was easy to deal with and didn't try to spin any bullshit (unlike the service manager at City Jeep). Problem fixed! FCA were very apologetic, and have given me an extra 12 months warranty and will cover the cost of the next service as 'compensation' for the hassle.

Further, FCA took ownership of the problem (and the resolution), and seem genuinely interested in my complaint about my experience with 3 separate Jeep dealerships (all part of Hopper Motor Group, for the record). It's early days, and ultimately it's the dealerships who need to up their game substantially, but it's encouraging to see FCA seem to be taking an active interest in rebuilding trust in the brand. Hopefully the dealer network is on board too.

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