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Originally Posted by awg View Post
did you mark & keep rear driveshaft in same orientation during R&R ?

apparently the trans space is ~1", mine is a bit less from age, needs replacing

I doubt a worn pinion bearing would cause vibration unless it was terminal, is there excessive 1/4"?..would be awful noisy

mine vibrates a bit at ~90-95kmph (it needs a wheel alignment)

the trackbar joints can be worn

I would start with the basics things
There's a lot of noise from the diff.
I had it up in the air the other day running in drive, the rear wheels looked to be not rotating on a solid axis. They looked like they were moving slightly off centre like both axles are bent. Unsure if this is the case... Is this normal?

All my driveshafts feel okay, didn't spend too much time down there as it burnt the shit outta my arm and took a heap of skin off

How do I check the suspension components?

Also I didn't line up the DS but can only spin one more rotation. I think it was correct as I just removed the uni joint on the diff end (the 4 bolts) but didn't pull it out of the DS.

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