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Default WG diesel injectors

I have a wg/wj 2.7CRD Grand Cherokee and am wondering if the injectors should be taken out and inspected. The car has done 195 k km's.
Also should injector cleaner be used when topping up the fuel tank.

There are currently no problems with the engine

Thank you........

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There is some wisdom in the old saying, "If it ain't broke then don't fix it!"

Unless you have a reason to suspect the injectors, I'd leave them. Removing them brings risk - dirt getting under the seals or entering the cylinder as well as the difficulty of removing numbers 4 & 5.

Look for black sludge around the injectors (aka black death) and if you are really worried, do a leak-back test. Otherwise, I'd leave well enough alone.

The Jeep workshop manual recommends against fuel additives. That said, I put through a bottle of the Penrite system cleaner at the last service and plan to do it every 10,000km. It might be psychological, but I think it makes a little less black smoke now. (I still need to get a round tuit for my EGR delete.)

Mine is almost up to 240k and still going (but I don't know if it's the original injectors or not). It's now my daily drive.

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Many thanks for your advice. That sounds like the best course of action at the moment
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Diesel injectors are a crapshoot at the best of time. if you want to see if they are a problem, the best test you can perform is a leak back test. All it requires is a very cheap test kit to do this.

If the levels are about the same, you are good to go, you only really need be concerned if the levels are very different on on or two injectors.

JeanLuke's advice is good, if it ain't broke don't touch it.

As for injector cleaner, I'm a fan, they do help keep the system healthy. I use the product these guys sell, it seems to work - http://www.pmlubricants.com.au well.

I don't mind this one either - http://www.chemtech.net.au/cr_fueladditives.html

There are many people that have had good success with eh Fuchs injector cleaner too, it is more work to use though, but it will have more immediate results.

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If it's running fine ,starts easily , does not blow heaps of black smoke , and no black tar around the injectors DO NOT TOUCH as the repair bill to remove and install new injectors will cost you more than the car is worth unless you can do yourself .Injectors are around $540 each x 5 plus minimum of 10 hrs labour -one place quoted $4500 to remove engine as they would not give warranty unless it was removed and injector bores cleaned ,cut the seat and hold down clamp bolt hole helicoiled .I did a leak test and luckily it was #3 injector - had a spare that was cleaned ,retipped and tested for $105 and charged him $200 labour .If you need any info of leak down test -let me know as I have a few photos and posted on this site a couple of months ago.
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When I had a bad injector (too much leak-off) I could feel the car pulsing after prolonged idle and gently letting off the brakes.
I could also feel pulsing in the exhaust flow.
No other symptoms until it got worse and it cut off when trying to accelerate.
Originally Posted by Barefoot
Hey I wonder what happens if I plug this wire in therAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH............
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