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Old 09-06-2016
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Default Windbooster review

Hiyall! This is my review of the EVC iDrive Windbooster in my 2015 JKU 3.6 Auto. I chose it because at $299, it looked to be more adjustable than the similarly priced Cammus Wind Booster and the more expensive Sprint Booster (which does have a good reputation).

For those who are wondering what it does, it modifies the signal from throttle pedal to make it seem like you are pressing the accelerator more or less than you actually are. It can't make the engine or gearbox faster or react quicker but it can make a car feel faster and feel more responsive. You can achieve the same by changing your driving style but if you can have electronic assistance to make it easier, why not?

Firstly, I reckon the name is stupid because it makes me think of a can of beans.

It was easy to install (plug and play) with decently lengthy wiring but mine is hidden next to the steering wheel - its white background and blue LED display irritates me because it doesn't fit in with the rest of the interior and back-lighting.

The controller is easy to use with a button to select program and another to select the level. There are 4 programs: Normal (stock), Economy 0 to 9, Ultimate 0 to 9 and Automatic.

Economy 3 is really nice for beach driving and Economy 0 makes low-range off-road crawling easier. While it doesn't replace crawling by loading up the throttle using the brake, it makes that easier too. On-road, Economy feels the same as towing something and can be frustrating because you have to really mash the pedal to get big throttle changes (i.e. for overtaking).

Ultimate 2 is my normal driving program. Ultimate 0 and 1 are OK too but 3+ makes the car feel too jumpy and the auto gearbox constantly shift gears at the lightest touch or release of the throttle, even when cruising at highway speeds. Ultimate 9 is a blast though and really highlights how nice the Pentastar's power delivery is.

Automatic is OK and actually feels progressive but it is way too aggressive for my liking. I am not scared of full throttle but I got tired of the looks I got when the rear tyres chirped at take-off and very tired of cat-footing around turns, especially in the wet. It makes it difficult to predict how the gearbox will react to throttle changes, which doesn't fit in with my driving style.

Overall I would give it a 6 out 10, with one point lost for aesthetics (it's important to me).

Also available for the Compass and Patriot
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Old 09-06-2016
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Great review thanks for sharing!!
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Old 09-06-2016
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That was one of the most acurate and seemingly non biased reviews I have ever read on a product like this. Normally there is some garb about 15%+ increase in economy and power which always gets my goat up.

That was honest and straightforward with factual recounts of exactly what it was designed to do and how it does it (and you are a local Sunny Coaster too!)

Nice work.

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Old 09-06-2016
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It is my understanding that the gearbox "learns" driver behaviour. How does such a device interfere with this?

Yeah I agree this is probably the first review of these types of products that doesn't promote a power increase.
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Old 09-06-2016
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I have mine on U7 for onroad (U9 kept making my muddies screech at the lights lol) and drop it down to U2-3 for offroad

Bloody awesome bit of kit, makes the accelerator much more responsive - I'm not after more power, etc - just wanted faster response from the inbuilt electronics in the Jeep
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Old 09-06-2016
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I have a similar module called a 'Torque Tuner', which transformed my 3.8 manual with 3.21's to 'drivable'.
Pickup is more linear, and smoothes out throttle. Even in mud.
Did notice the oil change blip came up sooner than expected...
Removed the 'horn delay' feel from inital pickup
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Old 13-06-2016
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alot of the response issues seem to be with the pedal angle. does this and an adjusted pedal angle make too much difference??
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