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Old 19-04-2006
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Exclamation Diesel XJ **Parts & Info**

OK all you Oil burners Lets get a thread started so all the info is in one thread which will make it a lot easier for ajor members to find..

So please keep the Chit Chat for other threads and just post your info to share. PM me if you have something to add

Engine VM (detroit) '425CXI....The 2.5 litre Turbo-Diesel engine is of Vittori manufacture, purchased fully built from the VM plant in Italy. This was only available with a manual transmission. Less than a year before end of production an automatic version was announced Automatic VM diesels are rare, and the Ford Motor company used the 2.5 VM diesel in their Scorpio as well as Rover in their Range Rover.

Good Books

Engine Oil Capacity

including filter = 6.8 lt
Filter replacement only = 0.4 lt
"Use only oil meeting standard MIL-2104C or API classification CD or higher or CCML D4, D5." Whatever the hell that all means.... !!!

Oil Filter

Jeep part 'K05003558AA' Note: sometimes Jeep add 'K' to the front of the part numbers.
Also Ryco Z596
Valvoline V074.
Oil Filter ROF88 available from repco for $21 also fits

Air Filter

Jeep Part 'K53030730'
A valvoline VA45 will fit your XJ TD, they cost ~$25.
purolator a44727 and ryco a1332 also grasco auto parts in south oz can get most genuine parts at good prices ph08 8445 6311

Raycor 10micron filter elements for $45. From
Brisbane Air Cleaner Services Pty Ltd
Unit 2 / 37 Kremzow Road
Brendale 4500
Phone: (07) 3881 0384
Fax: (07) 3205 5443
Email: BacsAssist@bigpond.com

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner parts (non genuine but good) and repairs can be found at J.M Auto Air Campsie (NSW) (02) 9718 2209. (they also have the exact same unit as the diesel cost me $250.00)
"The 2.5L diesel engine uses a Denso 10PA17 seven cylinder, recipricating wobble plate-type compressor

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter Raycor R20S or R20T (2 micron or 10 micron) from Neil Person @ Sydney Filter Services (tel 9672 719) about $ 60 from memory
Fuel filter assembly is a raycor spin on series 230
Alternative fuel filter: Ryco Z625


Narva Part no. 72086 ( H4 200 *142 mm high/low beam insert)


Battery: DIN65L (various brands)

Glow Plugs

I have one old one that came from the factory:-
Marked on the plug 0 250 202023 11V
The box from VM is marked "4 607 2003 F candeletta 12V"
HKT Corporation brand (made in Japan) the Part is HKT No. B-086

(repco) ch163 $34
bosch 0250-202-023 11v between $49 and $55 auto pro and most other part shops
ngk y-923-u $66 auto pro etc
hkt corp b-086 $23.50 every body sells these from small diesel workshops to the big boys

to change your plugs make sure you have a long reach 10 mm socket access to a compressor and some high temp anti sieze compound , you need compressd air to blow all the dust and crap away from the plug seats (before you take the plugs out) and just put a smear of anti sieze on the threads of the new plugs before you put them in you only have to take the oil fill cap off to access plug number 2 hope this helps.


The Turbo is made by IHI. Type RHB5, VA59 core. Other RHB5 models were used on Subarus, Mazda MX6s.

Starter Motor

Starter Motor is also Bosch...Part No. 0 001 218 177

Engine Parts

head bolts for desiel xj $50.00 each from jeep..go to vm get head bolts for a 700 series water cooled engine think they are about $15.00 each
head gaskets jeep $ nearly $400.00...vm price $186.00
copper injector seals go to any injection service shop they are bosch injectors
$1.60 each
Tension pullys for fan belt use same as VN Commodore just put 4 washers behind them
Fan belt: Dayco 8PK2190 (or 8PK2200 fitted mine) Gates fan belt... 8pk2190 for $58 (Auto Pro) Jeep item 9 314693 435249
Thermostat: Dayco DT32A
Idler pulley: Dayco 131081. ( same as various fords and holdens) alternative idler: Nuline EP-049 and EP-050 ( www.precisionparts.com.au)
Harmonic Balancer: Nuline HB1482-N
replaced all cooling hoses whe i did engine change out worked out you can use following hoses heater hoses from nissan pulsar commodore and ford laser the only one you cant get is the J shaped 1 from oil cooler to water pump.
Top hose CH3535 - 52079690...Bottom hose CH3534 - 52028407
Water Pump : Truflow TF8210 Available from Repco - Trade Price approx $140

Engine Mounts..... Rh/ a5310....... Lh/ 5308.......
Gearbox Mount..... A5306

Manifold Gasket
From VM (MTU Detroit in Sydney)
part 2 202 2078 F $35 approx

1.4mm head gasket
From VM (MTU Detroit in Sydney)
Part 2 202 2182 F $50 approx


XJ Turbo Diesel Snorkels made by Airflow

1996 XJ
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Old 12-05-2006
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Been given this link by Vince in the UK who is on the NAXJA site. He was shocked at the re-build prices you are paying and said this place is what he uses.
He said he paid $3600 AUD for a full re-built exchange engine. The site also lists some parts that might be worth for you guys to bring over as seem much cheaper than what you have been quoting.
Cheers, Marcus.

My web site:
http://willyshotrod.com Over 5'000 Club
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Old 19-08-2006
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Just came across this guy that had done his own turbo conversion and intercooler fitment on a Cruiser using formed alloy bends. Thought it might be of some use to you guys that have to pay so much for replacement hoses?
This is where he bought them from above.
Here is the write up on it.

Cheers, Marcus.

My web site:
http://willyshotrod.com Over 5'000 Club
Old 16-12-2006
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Dump pipe is attached to the back of the turbo using Torx head bolts. Tha C*********nts!!
Recommended way to remove is detach at tail end, then remove all bits above the turbo. Unbolt the oil feed line, take care not to lose the copper washers. Drop the turbo off the headers by the three bolts to the headers.

You will need to cut/grind a ring spanner to 3.5/4mm thick to fit it over the rear stud and onto the nut.
These nuts do not appear to be hardened at all so BE CAREFUL not to burr them.
Then the turbo should drop and be able to shift it so you can get the Torx bolts out.

I would recommend if you have the $$$ to do it, custom headers and intake elbow, to allow turbo to be shifted forwards/higher, allowing a better flow dump pipe, with much easier access.

Or in the first place, dont go bouncing your dump pipe off rocks and truck tyres!!
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Old 16-09-2007
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Thanks guys got rid of the jeep filter. put in a CAV filter/seperator with a
inline primer bulb out of an outboard fuel line works perfectly.
cav filter $65.00
fuel hose $ 7.00
2x hosetails $11,80
primer bulb $10.95
4x hoseclamps $10.80

Grand total of $105.55
Old 17-09-2007
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some may say rough some may shake their heads but back on the road in less than a week and not a fortune spent Bloody miracle for my jeep.

Heres some pictures of the filter set up. the idea for the primer came from a
bloke in a diesel service centre.[Attachment 21589

Attachment 21590

Attachment 21588

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Old 09-12-2007
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Default td hoses

the water pump was incorrect the manufacturers in japan put the wrong pump in the boxes so there is still no stock in australia

with regards to the hoses here is a full list to change every hose on a td

hose (a) ch 1672 dia 19 one end dia 16 the other cost 9.00 this one jeep quoted 65.00 for

hose (b) ch 1614 dia 19 used this cos my local autopro didnt have a universal 19 in stock you can use the leftover to go to the overflow bottle but straight dia 19 hose will fit without any probs

hose (c) ch 1647 dia 16 the other end can be kept as a spare for the heater hose that goes into the firewall

hose (d and e ) ch 1647 dia 16

hose (f ) ch 1652 dia 19 one end dia 16 the other heater hose by firewall g and h oil cooler hoses dia 16

top rad hose ch 3535 45.00
bottom rad hose ch 3534 43.00

small vent hoses dia 8 of the roll

Attached Thumbnails
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Old 10-03-2008
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There are some useful downloads, probably the best collection on the the net.


The parts catalogs at greatlakes include info on diesels, though some of the numbers have been modified.

Lundgh.com has some use full stuff, though it is again an american site so little on the diesel engine.

If you are willing to part with some bucks there are several sites you can down load from. If I find anything else will keep you posted
Old 03-04-2008
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Default Downloadable VM engine manual


I have a huge data base of files on the Cherokee and yes Cherokee the GreatLakes site has proved a great source. I have found no earlier than 1999 in pdf or cd format that covers the VM. Lots of info for Gilda though of petrol engines

However do not dispair, I have found a seprate file that may help.
Click here for the link VM Diesel, don't panic it is in english; although on a Russian site. I am not sure if it was lifted from a complete file.

Hope this helps.

Just as passing thought if the fix you have does not work, check your water sedometer, drain it and change it if you have not done, or do not know when it was last done. I have known this to stop a diesel. I suspect it is most likely a electrical fault as already suggested, such as a fuel injection pump it self.

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