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Old 07-08-2017
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Default Buying Grand Cherokee Diesel


First post so be Gentle ahaha.

Looking to buy within the next six months.

No i haven't used the search function and hopefully wont need to (flame suit on)

Questions ive got are...

Is there any model year to stay away from?
(assume they get better with less recalls each year)

Are these the type of cars that realistically you should buy new and sell before the warranty runs out? Or are they actually pretty good?
Word on the street is that they are nothing but problems but ive googled a bit and they do seem to actually be pretty good???!!!

Is it worth finding a car with air bags, Assume this is qaudra trac 2 if not then wtf is that?? & is it worth the extra?
Ive been lucky enough to have two used ones to borrow a 13 loredo with bags and a 14 limited with coils! bags do seem to ride better but will def end up buying a 14 onwards with the 8 speed either way.
Anything to look out for when shopping not including the usual service hist etc?

Main use will be as the wifeys daily drive, come weekend tow rig. With a little beach off road work when required, Not looking at a rock hopper just a nice reliable family wagon.


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Old 07-08-2017
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I am going in blind with my purchase, i am going from a Holden Omega to a JGC Overland, i need the height as i have many health problems.

I would like to know why Jeep in Australia is getting so much flack, I have seen people comment on the net about Jeep being unreliable but most of these have been only a few owners and a lot of comments from people that have never owned one (I suspect that most people that have issues are those that are running petrol Jeeps and not diesel)

Now getting to your post, the years i was told to stay away from is anything from 2014-2016.

Jeep's do hold their value, but it is advisable to trade up at the end of the vehicle warranty, so every 5 years. That's not a rule its just an option that you should consider, vehicles outside their warranty period are harder to sell and usually at a reduced price.

I hope someone will help with additional information for you.
Old 07-08-2017
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Check out my Ride(s)


As Roothy said in this month's 4x4 Aust Mag....."Those that knock Jeeps have never owned one!". He was blown away with his Jeep he had for a few months. Brilliant offroad - it surprised him and they are a fantastic tow vehicle.

We have a 2015 Limited CRD with Quadra Air and the Luxury Pack (leather vented seats).

Tow a 3 tonne van with it regularly. It is brilliant - great fuel econ (17lph travelling at 95-100kph), heaps of power and torque and such luxury - I love it!

Only the S49 recall (the silly park thing, not mechanical) and no problems in just over 2 years now.

If worried, get the 5 year Jeep "There and Back" warranty...we have 6 in total for piece of mind and it looks like we won't use any of it! What is there not to like and where is the risk??

In 2014 Jeep GC overtook Prado as the most popular selling 4x4. Our local caravan park had 8 that I could see last weekend. They are everywhere and I don't see any being towed away!

Don't listen to the jealous knockers - they don't know what they are missing. Get one and see for yourself. You will be impressed.

MY15 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
Quadra Air, Luxury Pack & Adv Pack 11

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Old 07-08-2017
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Just buy the bloody thing. The problems are not usually the car but the service departments of the majority of dealerships.
You will get a lot of negativity from people who have never had one but know someone that had nothing but trouble. I for one am very happy with my 2015 Laredo. I did not get this thing for going off road, I have a JK for that, instead my car is for towing a 2 tonne boat and it does this effortlessly.
You need to ask yourself what will you want to do with the car? Will you take it off road or just the occasional dirt road? How much ride height will you need?
List your requirements and the guys here will fill you in.
If I had the money I'd be ordering a trackhawk.
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Old 07-08-2017
Khabbazeh  Khabbazeh is online now
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Got a 2014 overland and been a happy owner so far, no issues at all. For me the air bags is a plus, works great on road and provides that extra clearance for light off road work (btw it's called Quadra lift). As for Quadra trac that's the 4x4 system which is one of three options. Quadra trac works well but for a bit more serious off road the Quadra drive adds a rear diff lock which provides better traction and less wheel slip.

Generally speaking, later model years of any car is usually more reliable, but I personally haven't heard of any issues that affected earlier models

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Old 08-08-2017
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I have a 2013 MY14 8 speed diesel Laredo with Q/Lift suspension. Main work is towing my caravan and highway runs with a little bit of beach. I bought it new and have 50K on the speedo now. This is without question the best car I have ever owned in my 40 years of driving. Sure have had a few niggles, IE software upgrades that cause other issues, small paint defect, Radio & door handle. But all in all very minor issues that have all been fixed under warranty without question. I would not have another car without the Q/Lift suspension as it provides such a smooth ride especially on the beach. I have taken it off road with some semi serious challenges with some mate who were dumbfounded with its off road ability. This is one very happy Jeep owner.
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Old 08-08-2017
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I've owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee since 2002, I'm now on my 3rd one. When I was thinking about my first one I was a Toyota man and I'd heard all this crap about Jeeps and it was from people who'd never owned one so I started talking to owners of them every time I saw one and I never received any bad reports. So I test drove a 2002 WG V8, I have to say I was blown away with the power and ride left my cruiser for dead, had her for 5 years then upgraded to a 2007 WH Diesel which I still have. I've done a lot of upgrades on her she's done 177,000k 80% of which has been towing caravans.

I decided to upgrade to one of the new WK's when Jeep had their no interest deal on late last year, but I couldn't get rid of the WH besides it's worth more to me then what they would have given me as a trade.

Now the new WK diesel is a magnificent vehicle to tow with and they are becoming a very popular tow vehicle. On a recent trip to SA even in the more isolated areas I saw at least 3 towing a van, free camp spots and cv parks, one night at Wilcannia there were 8 others in the cv park.

When I was in Boulia last year one night there were 5 others travelling as a group and they had came up from Birdsville, so they are everywhere.

I've owned one for 15 years now and I will continue to own one, I am a dedicated Jeeper now I have moved on from Toyotas.

Mate just go buy one.
Old 08-08-2017
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Mine is 3 years old now, probably keep it for another 3..... I'd be worried as these get older with things like the airbag system or electronics having problems, they will cost a bit to repair, but all 4wds are going that way now.

There was a quality review at the assembly plant in Sept 2013 where a lot of quality issues were addressed, so it is generally thought GCs after that date are the best to go for, but still plenty of happy earlier GC owners. The 5 speed has had a few failures, especially towing.

My biggest complaints about my GC is the suspension is too harsh offroad, and a lack of boot space (I came from a But it puts a smile on my face everyday I drive it, something you don't get from ute based 4wds or Prados.....

Offroad quadra-drive2 gives you the locking rear diff which is helpful, quadra-trac2 is just brake based torque distribution and the locking center diff, but it still works ok. If you want QD2, you have to have quadralift (air suspension). Overlands come with this combination and limited and laredo can have it optioned on with the ORA2 pack. Look for bash plates and 18"rims along with the air suspension as clues it has the ORA2 pack.
MY14 GC LTD CRD-ORA2/QL|Mopar 18" Night Fever Rims&RockRails|Chief Hooks&Sump Plate|STMaxx 275/65R18

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