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Old 01-05-2008
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Nah..... I love the concept, the traction, the way it drives, and most of all the power! BUT, if I was to do another Cape or Outback trip, I'd be straight back into something Japanese......
Isn't it amazing how one can have so much faith in an entire country's motor vehicle industry!
Old 02-05-2008
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Default WH faults

I seem to have an ongoing problem with my 2005 WH CRD with oil leaks.

So far.

Transmission electrical plug.
Air intake box.
Transmission oil cooler supply line-recall.
Transmission pilot bush.
Oil temperature sensor washer not sealing.
Diff pinion seal.

This in only 56,000ks,dealer assures me that it is not a common problem but I would like to hear if anyone else is having similar problems,particularly with not long to go on warranty.
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Old 05-05-2008
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Originally Posted by jenkomagic View Post

How do you guys feel about WH Grands? I just cant imagine taking mine away on a long off road trip without it breaking down
My WH is on the road pretty much all the time and i have no quarms at all about taking it anywhere...I'm rackin up the kilometers fast....it hasn't given me any real probs at all yet, cept for fuel consumption.......it's shockin.........I don't suppose my heavyish right foot helps much either..lolol....I reckon i can get better economy out of it once it's outa warranty and I'm allowed to tinker with it....My ZG regularly gets 1000ks out of a single tank......Kim
I understand it's a JEEP Thing.........
Old 02-07-2008
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My 2006 WH CRD (with only 30,000kms - I know, gotta get out there more):
- Got the 'Service 4WD system' flashing light once - fixed per TSB
- ABS shudders braking uphill, usually when cresting a rise
- Fuel consumption as bad as 18.5l/100km in city cycle
- Gas struts for bonnet fail to hold bonnet up for more than a minute - ouch!
- Rear left suspension creak - fixed under warranty
- Seat memory for driver 1 cannot be reset, intermitent problem
- Mopar front tow hooks for WH will NOT FIT THE CRD model - the turbo oil radiator plumbing fouls the plate of the towhook. I bought the hooks in U.S. (same part number as Oz WH part), so cannot return them. If anyone has successfully got an angle grinder onto the baseplate of these hooks and fitted them around the turbo radiator plumbing - please let me know! (I'm about to try grinding them down - gotta have recovery points for any serious off road fun).
- Otherwise pleasantly surprised with the reliability and lack of problems, great car, just needs a lift and some bash plates

- Finners
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Old 13-12-2008
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Default Brake Shudder Uphill

I noticed a couple of complaints about brake shudder up hill. I found this on: http://www.wkjeeps.com/recalls/wk_recall.htm

2006 - 2007 (WK) Jeep® Grand Cherokee
(XK) Jeep® Commander
NOTE: This recall applies only to the above vehicles equipped with a model 245 two speed transfer case (sales code DHX).

The software programmed into the Electronic Brake Control (EBC) module on about 296,000 of the above vehicles may allow a momentary delay in braking when coasting up a hill during certain conditions. This could increase the vehicle’s stopping distance and cause a crash without warning.

The EBC module must be reprogrammed (flashed).

Cheers…….. Kenjo
Old 24-12-2008
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Sat Nav flakey but never when getting serviced, they MAY replace it next time (52,000kms so far).
Updated SD card with Eastlink Melb on it quoted at $400!
Seat memory probs in that it won't remember to go back which for me being 186cm was real handy
Otherwise big improvement on my previous 1998 laredo but some of those CRD problems posts scare me.
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Old 04-01-2009
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WH Grand 5.7 Hemi
42000 km so far.

Sat nav screen calibration went out and the whole unit was replaced.
I have a very slight hemi shudder during light accel, i heard a jet chip fixes this and those odd unusual feeling gear changes.?

My rear seats creak where the latches lock to the chrome bars.- i always thought it was the rear susp but if i fold the seats down - no creak.

The interior air control doesnt turn off the air to your feet when dialled, this gives me icy feet and legs with aircon on.

Front brake pads totally worn out and the disks needed skimming at 40000 km.

Slight rear diff whine at 100km and light load.
Old 04-01-2009
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- bonnet out of alignment

- Cloth seats stain very easy. TSB on this for the dealer to wash for you once.
- Rear seats creak at the latches
- Air control doesnt turn air off for feet-always on
3.0 CRD -
- Swirl motor for the Turbo may make a clattering noise as this is the vaccum pump on the blink. Also delivers very poor performance.
- Injectors need to be reprogramed when they are replaced or they will not talk to the computer.
- seal on the inlet of the turbo lossens and causes an oil leak from the induction. fix: keep the hose clamp tight or fit new seal
- Turbo wind between 1500 & 3,000 rpm
3.7 -
4.7 -
5.7 -
- Is a known HEMI shudder but not sure if this affects the export model.
6.1 -

TRANSMISSION - QuadraTrac (QT) or QuadraDrive (QD)
- Service 4WD System light will illuminate and chime regularly. TSB to re flash and tighten connectors
- gearbox oil leak
- trans wiring harness seals leak trans oil on a regular basis.. updated adaptor fixes this problem (we hope)
- Couple of reported cases where the transmission has overheated shutting down the car for 15 minutes until temp comes down. This was on the sand in hot weather.


- Rear spring mount isolators creak/squeak, TSB fix for replacement isolators


- PCM eaten by battery acid. This is of note and has happened to me as an isolated case. The battery was either overcharging or leaked during servicing and hence the PCM is directly under the battery and it ate the aluminium cover and the PCB within. This caused no end of fault codes as well. Also the wiring harness on the left hand side facing forward of the vehicle had to be replaced due to the acid ingress.
- Window regulators on the front needed replacing
- Air Bag Light that go off & on again loose connection that 2 dealers 3 visit have failed to find.
- no blue wire for electric brakes discont. in WH
- gps touch screen calibration failed

- Brake Rotors need machining front
- Minor shudder when braking uphill - possible TSB for this.
- pads and front skim at <40000km
- If you fit the factory nudge bar you cant fit the factory rated recovery points at the same time.
- if u fit the factory nudgebar on a car with parktronic, it sends the parktronic crazy cause the nudge bar goes straight over the sensors

- creaking in front door rubbers
Old 14-03-2009
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Originally Posted by kimamigo View Post
My ZG regularly gets 1000ks out of a single tank......Kim
Hi Kim,

I have to ask, how do you get 1000k's out of a tank.

I'm lucky to get 550 from mine.

Bought the ZG just over a month ago, and have so far hade to fix the air-con, and now having a problem with the remote. Doesn't help that the guy I bought it from only had 1 remote, but hey. For the weekend she's going to be at the shopping centre
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