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Old 06-04-2017
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Default 3.6 JK owners, What problems have you had since buying (warranty work)

While at the dealership paying for my 36k service, I asked what the next service costs would be... $900+ for my major service, A bit steep but I expect that from the dealership, I mention that my auto temps are 8-10 degs hotter lately and glad that will be changed in the next "major service" while I cringe at those costs, I check over the current service..

Replaced engine oil, and filter, $340 odd.... At that price I don't even get a new air filter...

I question is it worth being bent over just to maintain a strong stance incase of a warranty claim? (yes I know, people will say as long as the log books stamped, jeep can knock back a claim,However we all know how problematic it becomes if its not serviced by jeep)

so question is what parts/things have failed from your jk once it left the show room till it hit 3 years old.

Mine, only thing was Clock spring recall, have one 36k

I think it will be a good post for people considering buying the JK and servicing it themselves or getting their local workshop to do the service work and saving a bit of cash

I am just worried if I no longer take it to jeep and something major fails, the costs involved in replacing it because warranty will not be valid in their eyes
Old 06-04-2017
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Old 06-04-2017
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Nothing mechanically, but I am only at 45k after 3 years. Warranty runs out at the end of April
Old 06-04-2017
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Constant issues with the handbrake. They refuse to do anything because "it's self adjusting" so I add fail to self adjusting system to the list.
Seat belt retraction is poor.
Clutch issues. Jeep claim "noise is normal" and refuse to process a concern with my mechanics report. Insist on classifying it as "noise from clutch".
Sway bar disconnect fail. They don't know how to service it (ended up doing it myself). In the mean time they refused to address ECS issues until the sway was serviced.

They were good with warranty claim on starter motor and alternator bearings.

I won't let Fiat "engineers" near my Jeep Again. Warranty can be considered largely worthless imho. Frequently comes home worse.

Typical issues to fail in that three year period for JKs that actually go
Off road:

1. Universal joint fails.
2. The clutch as mentioned, especially if you get the jeep wet.
3. Sway bar disconnect - the control chip is not water proof, it's in a non water proof area, and it's low on the vehicle to guarantee getting wet.
4. Handbrake as mentioned.

Watch for them doing software upgrades you haven't asked for and kill your Procal system as well as create new and innovative problems.

Much of this is known design weaknesses where Jeep try to keep warranty cost under control by wall jobs, couldn't replicate, try again next time style answers.

If you're not wheeling much you might not experience any of it. If you are wheeling with intent just find a good off road specialist. It sort of just goes with the Jeep experience unfortunately.

Recent jeep ads for 5 year Warranty are imo laughable, why not call it lifetime? Won't mean anymore than it does now.
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Old 06-04-2017
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rear main seal
Old 06-04-2017
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2015 JKU Rubacon

Lucky so far. Clockspring recall, that's it.


Jeeps are fine, just like any other reputable manufacturer.

Jeep service, ie: local dealerships suck.

No offroading in mine.

Only done Wheeny Creek, Mt Walker, Six Stager, Mt Airlie, Zig Zag, Ourimbah etc
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Old 06-04-2017
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14 months and 54000km and i've had the front right hand axle seal replaced at 30000km, not sure if that was a factory fault or from the Cape York trip and gearbox output and transfer case input seals replaced at about 40000km. Don't know what it is about this rig and seals.

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Old 06-04-2017
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2013MY 3.6 Auto with 70,000kms

Warranty claims -
1. G sensor code. Failed once, reset and didn't fail again. Asked the dealer to check the code, they said it had faulted, so they ordered a new G sensor and replaced it...no questions asked.

Recalls -
1. Heater exterior rear view mirrors (I'd already drilled a small hole in the base of the mirror to drain the mounting)
2. RHD Clockspring recall....had no issues with the clockspring, but it was replaced with the recall and the new dust cover fitted as well.

Thats it........no leaks, occasional rattles that come and go.
Old 06-04-2017
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Crikey, I've used every bit of my warranty I think.. Here goes:

Crank position sensor
Rear Main Seal
Vacuum pump mounting bracket
Front Inner Axle Seals
Radiator Outlet Hose
AC dashboard panel
Rear main Seal (again)
Front Inner Axle Seals (again)
Transfer Case output shaft seal
Clockspring (didn't really need it, but it was in anyway)

2013 JKU Rubicon, 51,000km

My local dealer has been really good with all this work, and continues to provide good service today. I'll stick with them.
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