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Old 12-06-2016
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Smile 7 days later...

Bored on a Sunday arvo, on my own, I was wheeling through the right place, right time again

Anglesea, Otways, on my way through to Paddys.

Great group of blokes. Well mannered, cruisey. So I thought to stay and watch for a bit, have a chat and some laughs. Patrol Ute. Landcruiser Ute, Hilux Ute winching, and Cruiser stuck.

Red Hilux, anchored to tree, was winching the Cruiser out frontwards, it was a hard pull, but a bolt holding the front bar on sheared, or mount broke or something. Stopped it straight away.

They asked what my winch was like (12,000lbs Monster winch, so not brilliant), but I offered to snatch him out backwards from the other side. Deal.

They only had a tow strap handy, I said I had no chance at pulling it out slow tow style, I'd just spin and spin and spin. Need a snatch. They didn't have one, so I offered mine. Deal.

I asked "Not on the tow ball please..." They knew that was bad news, and hooked up to a good recovery point.

I took it easy at first, working up to faster run ups. Took some dislodging, then getting it up the rearward boghole embankment took a bit too. About 8 tugs, 2 minutes or so. He was out.

This pic shows doggie sticking head out the window, feeling a bit sick. I couldn't take her out for the pulls, too muddy, don't want mud everywhere in the WG when she got back in. Poor dog got thrown around a bit

The Cruuser driver (Kalvin/Calvin) was very thankful, and offered to wash my strap and bring it to my house. Not needed, I can clean it. He appreciated the token.

While taking the pics he says ,"Pretty proud of pulling out a cruiser hey?". I said "Haha, I wouldn't have made that either mate, you could have been pulling me out."

Next weekend, another pull for three in a row?
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Old 18-07-2016
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I received a panicked call from my mate - his Discovery was stuck in a giant mud pit and it was going under quickly (I may be paraphrasing). I raced over as quick as I could to find this:

Traffic was standing still on the Bruce and he thought the track running alongside the highway will be a sneaky shortcut to jump the queue. He said mud hole "looked like a giant puddle" so he drove along its side but the ground gave way under driver's side and the car slid sideways.

The strangest thing was, his V8 would run fine for a minute and then belch out a cup or two's worth of muddy water but keep running:

Another guy with a JKU came by (Dave IIRC) and helped us out by being awesome and getting behind the wheel with the seats covered in mud and the pedals underwater when I reverse-snatch recovered it:

His car ran fine for another 15 minutes but shortly after we got onto a nearby dirt road, his car died in a haze of white smoke and coolant spray from what I suspect is a cracked block. I don't know if his existing head gasket leak contributed but for the second and last time that day, I recovered his car by towing it to a nearby road.

The towie who came to pick it up offered him $500 salvage for it, which he accepted. All of this because he was impatient...
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Old 10-12-2017
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No pics (I promised the guy that I wouldn't take any LOL). I was sitting at my camp site yesterday afternoon getting stuck into a heap of wine when a Prado pulls up.

A young bloke jumps out and asked if that was my Jeep. His Holden Rodeo lost 4WD on the beach and was hopelessly bogged. The Prado driver couldn't get him out and remembered seeing mine so asked if I could help.

Thankfully he was near the beach exit so there wasn't far to go. I had to winch him out backwards until I could get on harder ground then I turned around and snatched him out.

All he had was a shovel. Him, his mate and their girlfriends had been stuck for 3 hours before anyone bothered to help them. He told me that another Prado basically drove laps around him laughing before leaving them.

The guy that laughed at them actually wanted to get off the beach while I was helping so I made sure I blocked the exit and made him sit there for 30 minutes until I was finished.

Hopefully one day he will get stuck and no one will help him so he will know what it feels like.
Old 01-07-2018
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I was out with the Brother in law yesterday in the Watagans and on a particularly steep track came across 4 young kids in a Prius all standing around it on their phones.

For some reason, they thought it a good idea to drive around the place and blamed google maps for not telling them how bad the roads were.

They had been there for a while and couldn't get a hold of the Park's Authority because they were closed and we presently on the phone to the Police to get a tow truck out to pick them up.

They weren't actually bogged, they just couldn't get traction on the soft dirt. We told them that they only need to push it and they would be right.

So the Brother in law and I start pushing and got them going while the rest of them stood around. For some reason the driver stopped and got stuck again so this time we told them to push themselves and not to stop until the vehicle reaches the top of the hill.

We then followed them out until they were ok and carried on.

What really annoyed us was that 1. It was Google maps fault, 2. They didn't even try and help themselves. They were straight on their phones to get someone else to get them out and 3. They stood and watched us push their car until I got into them about helping.

At least they thanked us. Which is more than I've had from other's I've helped in the past.

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