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Old 05-03-2018
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Originally Posted by dochanjorge View Post
Thank you all for your replies!

TPS sensor reads 0% to 100% with a cheap obd scanner and torque app. I might measure it with a multimeter as well to be sure. My idle reads 850rpm (torque app again) as opposed to 750rpm in the manual.

The issue is more pronounced when the engine is at normal operating temp an barely noticeable when cold. This has to do with something I would guess.

Layback40, how exactly did you perform the IP top drop? Something I could safely do? No aircon on my xj.
The top of the IP can be moved to adjust the idle stop. The bolt holes are elongated. a tenth of a mm makes a big difference. its very sensitive & not recommended to be played with. It will not fix your problem. If you had a leak & wanted to replace the seal, you need to mark its location before removal.
I believe your problem is more a computer problem. You need a DBR 11 scanner to find it. OBD tells you very little.
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Old 06-03-2018
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Thanks guys.

I will have it read on a DRBII and see if it comes up with anything. No TPS but there still is an accelerator pedal position sensor sending voltages to the computer so maybe worth checking. Pedal moves freely, so no issue there.
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Old 10-02-2019
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Originally Posted by amlav View Post
Start with the easy one : accelerator pedal free movement .

I pour 200ml of 2 stroke oil in the tank at every full fill up (it keeps the injection pump happy ) .

Rpm's should drop to around 800 once stopped .
Hey guys
I am now having this issue with the idle going up to 1250rpm usually sits 750-800rpm
When it does this at the lights or when I come to stop i can rev it to 2000rpm + and back off and it returns to 750-800rpm it has increased regularity now and if i come to a stop under compression pushing the clutch in as I slow to 800-900rpm it creeps up to 1000-1250rpm slowly untill I give it a rev above 2000rpm then it returns to normal 750-800.

Following this @alamv you say you put 2 stroke oil in your tank to keep the IP happy... I got stuck in a river 5 months ago and after 15mins (fuel tank submerged) sucked water through the fuel lines untill stalled had to prime water through untill diesel again.

My question being if water has been through the injection pump could this mess with the idle 5 months down the track?
Should I try a bit of 2 stroke oil?

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Old 11-02-2019
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Originally Posted by Jumunji-XJTD View Post
Should I try a bit of 2 stroke oil?
Diesel is an oil by itself. 2 stroke oil is required, when diesel runs on kerosene, or a really bad fuel. Very typical to Russia - when very cold, you can't get a real arctic type diesel, only a kerosene mix. Kerosene dissolves parafinns effectivly, prevents clogged filters and so on. But kerosene lacks lubricity, and 2 stroke oil fixes that. You can actually run diesel on clean kerosene, if enough 2 stroke oil added.

Thus, 2 stroke oil only helps not to destroy injection pump with really bad fluids.

PS. Try to use the cheapest mineral 2 stroke oil, if mixing it with diesel. It leaves less deposits.
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