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Old 07-06-2011
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Default Tyre help

Any more opinions on tyres I'm looking atm and cant decide between
All in 285/75/16 to go on standard 07 jk wheels, I have 265/75/16 BFG AT's atm with over 110,000kms on them so it's very tempting to get another set.
I have heard about low km's from KM2's and really cant affoard to replace tyres after only 50k.
Who has MT 4 rib or mtz can you give me some input as I have no experiance with these but they are tempting if the millage is good.
To go on a 07 jk 4 door crd auto with ome lift.
It's our DD and I do a lot of touring and weekends away towing our off road van, and live 10 minues from some of the best wheeling in Vic so would like something a bit more agresive than the BFG AT's.
Formally known as greenjk

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Old 07-06-2011
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Hey Greenjk,

I've been looking at the same tyres for mine (bar the BFG A/T which I don't personally like). I think (and I say I think because I've changed my mind more times than I've changed my socks over the last few weeks) that I'll go with the KM2's, my argument being:

Out of the 3 I was looking at (KM2's, ATZ 4-Rib & MTZ), I discounted the MTZ as the prices I've been quoted are $40/tyre more for the MTZ's than either of the other 2 and while I've not seen many bad write ups on them, I've not seen any evidence that they are significantly better than the KM2's so why pay the extra.

That left ATZ 4-Rib and the KM's. I've not yet seen a bad write up for the KM2's but the brain says go the AT over the MT as most of the driving I do is on road so in theory they should be quieter. The heart says go the KM2's though as that's what I really want.

I almost got the 4-Rib's but then I spoke to a guy who runs a garage around here who has run every brand of tyre going and says that both he, his brother and a few customers have found that the 4-Rib's start reasonably quiet but get very loud when they start to wear. Now if I'm only really running the ATZ as they're quieter and then find that they're not quieter at all then you have to ask what's the point. Just FYI, he recommended the Pro-Comp's, in my case the Xtreme AT. That is what both he and his brother are running now. Says they are much quieter and give good mileage. They do look like a great tyre but they don't come in a 265/70/17 which is the size I was looking for (could go to a 285/70/17 but really undecided on that as well) and they are $100/tyre more (for the 285/70/17's) than I've been quoted for the ATZ/KM'2 which just seems ridiculous.

So still stuck between the KM2's and the ATZ's but seriously swaying towards the KM2's. I drove a Rubicon JK in the US last year which was fitted with the KM1's and didn't think they were too bad on the road (feel, grip or noise) and the write ups I've read say the KM2's are better than the KM1's were so working on that theory then they should be OK. It's a just a lot of money to be putting down on a hunch!

And once I decide that then I've got to decide on the size. Again the brain says 265/70/17 as they the same rolling diameter as the stock 245/75/17's so will not give any issues with gearing or the speedo and will definitely not rub. However the heart says go the 285/70/17's but that throws a few more unknown's into the mix for me. Will they rub? Some say yes, some say no. Will they be OK on OE suspension for a while (I want to get a 2" lift fitted but unfortunately have to get the tyres first)? Some say they'll be fine, others don't. It's a damn mine field I tell you

As you may have guessed, this is the first time I've looked at mod'ing a vehicle in any way from standard so procrastination seems to be the name of the game at the moment.

Hope all of that is of some use
Silver MY10 JKU CRD Auto - SOLD - Now just loitering for the hell of it
Old 07-06-2011
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Check out my Ride(s)

I have the Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ 4 rib (33" flavour).

I can't recommend them highly enough. Monsters on sand, extremely good in the slippery stuff off road and brilliant on wet roads (a vast improvement on the 5 rib). Noise wise they are spot on - really i'm very happy with the audible noise (or lack of) They also look the goods.

There's no question that I will replace them with the same when the time comes. They've got 20k on them now and are a long way off needing replacing.

Mopud.. now with XJ!
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Old 07-06-2011
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Recently put Micky T 285/75/16 MTZ's on Pro-Comp steel rims (5" BS) and love the ride and handling on-road and they work a treat off-raod. As with all M/T's rubber compound is pretty soft and you won't get the K's you'd get out of A/T's. I'll be happy with 50k on these, which is pretty normal for city slickers doing weekend runs. I've kept my stock rims and tyres for summer (though they don't look half as good as the Mickey T's
Saw this on eBay this morning, and he's in VIC.
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Old 07-06-2011
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I'm running MTZ's of the 31" variety on the TJ, and i cant talk highly enough of them.

These tyres cop a flooging, as a daily driver, grip like anything offroad, and also great for touring around on. Mine have done just on 37 000kms, and i would think i could get between 50 000 and 60 000kms, hopefully closer to 60 000kms. As for noise, even now at 37 000kms, still are crap loads quiter then most other muddies in brand new form. I'll have no hesitation in replacing them with MTZ's again when they die.

Until Cooper released their new ST Maxx, we were going to replace the STT's on the old mans grand to MTZ's, but now have decided to trial these new Cooper ST Maxx's.

Obviously you cant compare an all terrain to a mud terrain, but the ATZ's are an excellent tyre on and offroad, very quiet, and very grippy where ever needed. I used to sell quite a few sets of the ATZ's and always got positive feedback from customers.

As for BFG's, i personally think the A/T's are a waste of time, never had any good experiences with them and unfortunately are a tyre of the past.
The only BFG i used to sell were the KM2's. I was suprised how quiet they were and the handling on road, and I used to get plenty of positive feedback from my customers.

My vote, MTZ's

thats my 2c
JRJ33P - Since 2007
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