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Old 12-04-2016
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Agree broken bolts is a different isdue to cracked chassis. Broken bolts may be caused by incorrectly tightened bolts.
I don't think you'd hsve much position to argue with thrm snoit it.
If its only the bolts that are your issue get a new set and move on.

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Old 12-04-2016
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AWG, in the past I have verified with Jeep regarding this recall on two separate occasions. They ran my VIN and it came up with all the recalls on it's history. All had been done (airbag module, fuel pump thing etc, I think there have been 4 or so, I posted the link to the recalls some time ago actually). No outstanding recall on my VIN for the steering box issue. When I asked as to why, I was explained that not every batch during those years must have been affected. Since all the other recall jobs had been done as should be and ticked off, I tend to lean towards "believing" they might be right. Back then, I also had my mech look at the area of concern, he could not identify any cracks or things that would relate to it.

If on inspection (that would be the first step in recall) there seems to be no issue, however your VIN falls in the affected batch, (if I recall correctly) the recall still entailed reinforcing with welding work. If definitely cracks, then a supporting plate/brace had to be put in. So the recall would have 2 outcomes, both involving work on it, so should be 'visible' to some degree. However, if your VIN, like mine, does not pop up for this, then it will likely be impossible to get this done under recall excuse, but will be up to you whether you'd like to install another bracket/plate anyway...

Recalls don't 'expire'...Companies don't like recalls, for many reasons. And dealers dont like recall work either. However the foresight of being involved in lawsuits for malpractice and multimillion $ payouts if it turns out that Jeep/Dealer has been negligent in regards to this with bodily harm or death as a result, makes the $ involved for recalls futile.

In the end, if you feel unhappy/unsafe with this, go for that sturdy aftermarket bracket thing and drive around reassured that it wont break off.
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Old 12-04-2016
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Originally Posted by Richard buttocks View Post
have the bolts broken?
has the chassis cracked?

doesnt look like it, so they wont fix it.

simple stuff.

Dear Mr Buttocks,

I concur with your remarks.

After a second more thorough inspection, I am reasonably satisfied that no cracking or deformation is present atm, regular inspections will be done.

@waybackwen...your bolts are broken, you could TRY Jeep Oz, on the 1300 number, or via email.

Checking the Product Recall Statements wording, they only need to rectify a fault, so if no cracking was present, nothing was done (by my reading)

The first product recall is for loose bolts, so same thing.

Whether bolts breaking after 20 years would be covered, I have no idea, other than to say, it would surprise me if the parent company would accept any liability, if there was any legal way out of it...(there are fairly recent posts on here that state they did though..)

I guess only a court case would decide for sure!

The PRS link is in this thread, and post #86 is very informative too.

breakage or reinforcement of Steering parts is not unknown with other makes too, especially when off-road, and/or with big wheels, my vehicle appears to have been stock all its life
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Old 13-04-2016
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did anyone mention that the threads in the steering box that the bolts go into can wear and can cause the bolts to become loose ?
and no matter how hard you tighten they will always (after time) loosen
to really think if you own a 4x4 of any kind should one do a check every now and then on systems , and didn't you feel there was something wrong ? such as creaks and groans when steering ? I have even seen where even though the bracket is in place but the threads do not hold well where people hit the box with a mig or stick weld. and have also seen where they have broken due to these bolts become loose , and not just on jeeps alone. (early model hi lux were a real good one for chassis break or crack)
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Old 12-08-2017
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Well it happened to me today.
All 3 broke when I was about 35km from home. Lucky I was able to take quiet back roads home. 30km/hr at best. Had to get out & twist wheels around to go around corners.
The 2 bottom ones were easy to get the broken bits out. Having to remove the box to get the top one out.
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