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Old 02-03-2011
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Originally Posted by Rodgebone View Post
...... (dont worry Carves, your opinions are safe - everyone has one so always share) ........
... Best I tie an icecube to my typing finger and get started then ...

Nahhhhh ... I'll be fairly shush on this thread .... as you covered most of my gripes & concerns at the start.

Originally Posted by ozjeepster View Post
HIGH AMBIENT OR HOT SOAK TEMPERATURES 2000 - 2001 XJ its a software update that lowers the temp threshold used to determine when the engine fans are turned on , Cooling fans will cycle more often .

Service Bulletin 18-031-03 18-039-03
Can you use the techconnec thingy to find out whether that computer flash can be done on any OBDII 4.0l XJ here.

I mentioned it as only being suitable for the 2000/2001 in the other, general cooling thread last year, coz my local dealer reckoned it was year model specific .... but the dealers say a lot of things ....

Originally Posted by junglejuice View Post
Interestingly in the 94-96 parts manual (my model) it lists only 2 thermostats, an unrated unit and a 180* (severe use) unit. Another interesting thing is my '95 model had a radiator in it specified for a '94 model and I thought it was alloy/plastic when in fact when I removed it recently I found that it was actually copper/plastic and had been there at least 8yrs as that is how long I have owned it and only once did I have an issue of overheating!!!!!
Best you check for belly dancers & camels under the backseat jj - as that was the stock radiator for the hot climate, saudi/middle east market ... was also available as a heavyduty cooling option elsewhere .... If the dealer knew about it

Should be in your parts book too.
I hate watching simplicity and reliability being ruined by bureaucracy and technology.
Old 02-03-2011
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It was listed in the parts book, that is how I know it is from a '94 model, maybe this is part of the reason that I had so little cooling issues.....
Buggered if I know what thermostat is in it though as I have never checked..... oops!!!
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Old 02-03-2011
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Goes in Monday Just waiting on Brown Dog engine mounts and brackets.
Old 02-03-2011
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LMAO that they do mate ILL double check for you , i have a print out of the bulletin & it is year specific 2000 / 2001 Has to do with emission changes its mainly for the 01 xjs but will also do 00 xjs if they have NAE sales code what ever the hell that is lol
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Old 03-03-2011
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I wanted MY01XJ number plates after i sold my wrangler.. I went to the RTA website, checked the availability.. alls good.. then when i had the cash to spare.. went to order them.. not available!! LO and BEHOLD!!
Old 03-03-2011
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sorry, but what do number plates have to do with cooling systems? maybe that should be in the "What did you do to your XJ today" thread (hint hint)
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Old 03-03-2011
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Originally Posted by Rodgebone View Post
sorry, but what do number plates have to do with cooling systems? maybe that should be in the "What did you do to your XJ today" thread (hint hint)
Cool number plates = cool jeep...
Old 03-03-2011
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this is why we have a problem here we have knoledgable people being pissed of by people posting totaly non relevent crap in the tech info threads

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