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Old 16-11-2014
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Originally Posted by Hammertone View Post
Dave, what do reckon is wrong with that hand winch? At closer inspection, it's roped 2:1 to get the 4T rating, but then you're going to lose line length, so the 3.5M i stated earlier becomes less than 1.75. But if it's rated at 4 tonne, it'll pull 4 tonne. The only thing i can think of is that the lever might be too short to get the leverage needed for 4T. There's a lot of these for sale so some of you guys may have come across people using them using them for recovery. Anyone have any actual experience with one?
My Dad had one of those flimsy things about 20 years ago when he had his Dual Cab Hilux. They will only pull the rated 4T if its unobstructed & rolling, not a 2T 4WD bogged to the axles in mud or drag it up a hill over a rock ledge. I have a Terrain Tamer hand winch as seen here
Have a watch of the video & tell me if you think the $48 4T winch will be able to recover the same way. I have a hand winch because I didn't want or have the need for a vehicle mounted winch.
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Old 25-06-2015
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It's a long time since I posted, but with a broken arm I've got plenty of time to waste in front of the computer (people keep telling me i'm too old to skateboard. maybe they're right!)

Ok, so I went with the Tirfor and the air jack. Not that I've had to use them, but I reckon I could get myself out of most situations with those. Also got a complete recovery kit and a nice compressor.

Did the gas conversion. I was a bit hesitant about it, but the guys at Sprintgas Campbelfield were awesome and really did a great job. It's never had a hiccup ongas or petrol and with gas hovering just over 50 cents since the install, I've already saved buckets!

I got the second hand AT tyres. They're stock size, but they've been treating me very well, so i'm happy with that purchase. I alos picked up and aerial for the radio and put in a caddy for the tablet. I've been using Mudmaps on the tablet for navigation and it's a pretty good setup.

Many people advised me on doing some driver training. Your instant reaction is to go, "I'm a good driver, I don't need training!", but I've got to say, it's one of the best things I've ever done! I learnt SO much. There's so many things i'd never have learnt trying to work it out on my own. Anyone in Melbs, get in touch with the Jeep owners club, they have the best deal on training around.

So I got all that done in Nov/Dec of last year, did a bunch of day trips around Melbourne, then in jan went up to the snowies for a week. It was fantastic up there. Took a track along the highest ridge near Cabramurra and could see straight across to Kozzi. We didn't see another vehicle all day, it was awesome. Halfway through the trip though, wifey decided she was going to be pregnant. Great news! But in fear of jiggling the little one out before she was cooked, it was decided that 4wding was on a 9 month ban!

So as we get closer to the lifting of the ban, I seem to have jeeps (and babies of course) on my mind more and more. A couple of weeks ago I did a 2" budget boost. Very happy with that, though the handling has suffered. It's another temporary measure on my way to a grander goal. I'm booked in for more training with the club, this time in the wet and i'm pretty excited about doing that with the extra clearance.

I've been doing tons of research so i'll post back soon with what I have in mind and hopefully you guys can set me straight like you did with the recovery gear.
Old 01-07-2015
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Here's a post lift pic. I don't know how much different it looks in the photo, but to see the car there's a huge difference. The tyres look a little small for it now but i'll get to that in time.

It's now sitting at 505mm all round from wheel centre to fender. It's a bit more washy on the road. The sway that comes with a solid front axle car feels like it's been exaggerated, which isn't ideal, but it's no biggy at this stage either. Handling is definitely something i'd like to address with future work. a bigger rear sway bar might be an option if further lift looks a long way off, otherwise I expect the problem to get sorted once I get the right springs and can ditch the spacers.
Old 28-07-2015
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Default Build Plan

Ok, so I've been doing tons of research so that I can work out a good approach to building up my jeep over the next few years. I want to get my ideas down so that I do things right and in the correct order rather than just throwing my money at a mod and later regretting it or wanting to change it.

I've put 15,000 ks on my car since I bought it in November of last year. I use it for work, most of our family errands and getting out of the city every fortnight or so.
Given all that, the car has to be safe and legal. So within those limits I want to build the most capable wj I can.
I'm not into touring, just getting out in Victoria on weekends. I've done a couple of driver training courses, so with a bit more experience on the tracks, I want a car that can take me anywhere that a lesser driver in a more highly built rig can go.

This build plan is probably going to be fairly fluid for a while. As I gain more knowledge and receive advice, i'm sure i'll make plenty of changes and edits. Mods will be listed in order of attack and i'll be trying to get prices and sources for the items.

If anyone has any advice at all, please let me have it. Whether it's better products, a change in build order or you just flat out think i'm going in the wrong direction, i'm all ears and happy to take criticism. Better to know i'm doing something wrong now than after I've hacked into my car!


* Steering Stabiliser - Currently still on stock. I figure i'm best off getting this sorted early as it'll help toughen my wj when I take it out in it's current state and will be essential when I lift further.

* Snorkel - Better to have a snorkel and not need it than to need one but not have it so i'd like this sorted early. I'm only aware of the Airflow and Safari models. The airflow is ugly, but with a price difference of $300 odd I can't be that picky.

* Stereo Head Unit - This will happen at some convenient point, but i'm tipping it'll be sooner rather than later as i'm getting sick of using that bloody tape with the cable that I have to plug into my phone whenever I want to listen to music!

* Lift - Had a BIG discussion about lifting the WJ here. Thanks to all for their valuable input.
What I got out of it was that I believe I can get away with a 2.5 - 3" lift. Now, you may have noticed that my post BB height is 505mm which is pretty much stock height at new. So obviously my springs are totally shagged and sitting 2" too low. The post lift height i'd be after is 575 - 580mm and there's a couple of ways to go about this.

One is to go with the heavy duty OME springs. The lift i'll get varies depending on who you speak to, but to get 3" i'll need to add 2" spacers cut down to my desired height.
- I hear nothing but good reports about the OMEs and the heavy duty versions will be essential when I add front and rear bars.
- I can complete the lift in stages. Install the springs, see how she handles, iron out death wobbles or other nasties without too much trouble and then add the spacers at a later date and again clean up any problems that arise.
- Once I've added the bars and had a bit of droop, I can get new spacers cut to the exact height I want to compensate for the bars.

- I have to use spacers. While I've found my spacers to be fine, they have to be unpopular for a reason. I've heard they limit travel where full length springs won't and people (and authorities) have safety issues with them. If they're cut down to maybe an inch or so, I think the safety issues are not such a worry as the coil retaining spigot on the spring mount can still do it's job.
- While they are legal in vic, I still don't like the idea of them attracting attention from authorities. If they're illegal in other states, whats to say vic won't amend it's laws and make my car illegal.

There are other brands which make 3" springs that I have to look into. If I found some that were heavy duty like the OME i'd be sold, if I could source them locally i'd be doubly sold.

Shocks: I have OMEs which the previous owner installed a couple of years ago. I need to look into whether these will have the appropriate extension.

* Roof rack and driving lights - I currently have an ali nudge bar with a couple of big HIDs. The bar reduces my approach angle and covers the grill, which is the iconic design feature of every jeep and should always be visible imo. It'll be a shame to lose the lights, but the car will look much better with an led bar mounted on the roof. The rack is needed to carry the spare. I'm sure i'll find a use for it once I get a rear tyre carrier and a kid or two.

* Tyres and Wheels - I'd love some black steelies, but may resort to painting my stock 17s. If I get new wheels it gives me the option to choose my size so may go 16 or even 15" and need to look into changed track width. I think i'd be looking at fairly aggressive ATs at 31.5 - 32 inches.

* Rear Bar with Tyre Carrier - I'm looking at fabbing my own bar based on plans by Flatland. I think i'll tackle the rear bar first as I desperately want to stop having to hoist the spare onto the roof whenever I go wheeling.

* Front Bar and Winch - Again from flatland at this stage. I'd really like a tube design but haven't been able to find plans and don't want the additional challenge of designing my own.

Wish List:

* I'd love a new exhaust, but that's a real luxury

* An awning sounds good. May become more needed once kids arrive.
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Old 28-07-2015
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I'll add my 100 bucks worth and say planning a suspension build and overall height to incorporate spacers is a redneck way of going about it in my view. Plan on the right springs straight up and only use thin spacers if required to adjust an odd corner. Talk to Kings or Dobinsons directly and not just their front office salesperson, both can make the exact spring you need.

OME shocks will be marginal I expect at 3", make sure you check the open/closed lengths properly before relying on them.

Use the centre of the Flatland design and weld some tube wings on if you want a tube style bar. Personally I don't like them. I don't like the lack of coverage and I don't like the look. They were unique once but now every man and his wannabe dog are putting them on everything. I much prefer a fancy sheet metal bar, but styling is a personal thing.
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Old 29-07-2015
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My $2 but I own my corner.

I'm with Fester wrt using spacers. Do it once and do it right.

I had a safari snorkel but took it off last year considering how I never go in deep water anyway, it's a warm fuzzy blanket I didn't need and to be honest I don't like the look of a snorkel on the WJ. It's a personal choice like your bumpers.

Dan (Broadz) has a custom one which quite respectable. He's in Morwell btw.

A steering dampener is not needed if your lift and steering geometry is fine. I've been running without one since 2012. If it sits down low , you're gonna end up bashing it up anyway. A dampener will not fix DWs neither. Again, correct geometry and tight bushings all round is paramount.

You also may experience harsh rides with short arms and may also need an adjustable track bar. Suspension work will be the major part of your build and therefore important that you do a complete job on it rather than looking for parts, bits and bobs later in trying to make it work.

Since you're looking at a headunit replacement, Broadz is an expert. See his build here http://www.ausjeepoffroad.com/forum/...ghlight=Broads



Keep us updated!!
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Old 29-07-2015
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My humble advice for thee

I would choose gaining height clearance as much as possible through tyre/wheel height, than suspension lift, every day of the week.

Wheel ruts. By far the most common reason for getting stuck here. The diff pumpkins hanging low forever the cause for winching/snatching out. ********ing hate that
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Old 29-07-2015
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The only 3" spring Icould find was iron rock offroad. Their kit received a lot of praise on the forums and I like the extended sway bar links rather than the extended link brackets that rough country sell.

I spoke to Robinson's fester, they don't do 3" for the wj. Will call the other mob tomorrow.

That thread's a good read jgw. The guy knows his stuff! How nice are the new pillars he made up?? I'll give him a bell when I come to my audio, though it'll be a pretty basic job compared to his
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