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Old 06-08-2015
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Default the dreaded can of worms - which tyre

so at the risk of opening up a massive can of worms, looking to get some advice on tyres for my JKU.

notwithstanding any legal arguments, im looking to fit 285 70 17's to the standard rims. specifically i like the Nitto trail grapplers ($429 delivered per tyre) and goodyear Duratracs ($375-$400 fitted)

from what i have red, the TG's are true to size and almost bullet proof, but heavy. my concern is that my JKU (with standard gearing) will struggle with them generally, but especially when i connect the camper trailer.

the DT's look the goods and reviews suggest they drive better than the TG's, but my concern is the soft side wall. they are also a bit shorter than the GT's

just wondering if anyone provide an opinion.... did i mention the can of worms

for the record the JKU is a 2011 sport 3.8L manual

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Old 06-08-2015
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I run the Duratracs on my 2010 2 door petrol and they currently have just over 50,000km, mostly bitumen driving unfortunately... Have been great on road and excellent in sand and rock. Still haven't had them in thick mud though.

This is them a couple of days ago.

I say go Duratracs.. I am currently organising a set for my new vehicle too.

Cheers, Dave :)

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Old 06-08-2015
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As you mentioned nitto tyres are very heavy. Big disadvantage.

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Old 06-08-2015
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well if trying to find the right can right ? don't they ALL contain worms ? :)
onroad soft walls are fine (and help when you scream around corners)
BUT off road is another thing as when you have debre such as nasty sticks and rocks and flex of the tyre , unless sand ? I have seen plenty of tyres where a stick or object has ripped the side wall and once a side wall is torn the tyre can not be fixed .
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Old 06-08-2015
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On seacomms review I purchased the Duratracs and could not be happier.
Have done about 5000klms on them now all on road and they have been fantastic.

Hopefully be trying them out soon off-road. But from everything that I have read about them they are good.
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Old 06-08-2015
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Most replies here suggest an all terrain would've been a better purchase, given the mostly road driving comments...? I have the nitto terra grappler all terrains. I think they are great because they are still reasonably aggressive but make no noise. I loathe noisy tyres. Good in boggy sand, mud and gravel, ie i haven't bogged it. Rocks i don't know but an a/t versus muds on most rocks you'd be willing to drive on without damaging your car would be similar in performance.
I don't reckon that the nittos will do massive mileage though. But I don't know yet as I've only done about 7,000km on them so far. Btw this is coming from someone who was quite happy with the on and off road performance of the stock Goodyear wrangler a/t tyres, which I know a lot of people don't like.
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Old 07-08-2015
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I'm still pretty happy with summit mudhogs.
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Old 07-08-2015
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At 50,000km, I'm very happy with my Cooper ST MAXXS, 285 / 70 R17.
Pretty expensive tyre, but my choice was made around the use of the vehicle, therefore, a high quality tyre rated at 50/50 was a pretty straight forward choice.
My Jeep is not used as a daily driver, but it still requires a performance on road tyre to reach off road destinations.
I can't see much point in having really aggressive tyres which have to travel 2000 km to reach 200 km of dirt or whatever.
Once off road, it more than satisfies my needs both in performance and durability. It holds its own against other more aggressive tyres.
The downside is the cost and the need to lower the pressures more than other tyres to negate soft sand etc.
I have luckily not needed to use the spare so when it comes to tyre replacement, I will only need to purchase 3 of them and keep 2 for spares. I have 2 spare wheels.
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Last edited by Wazza D; 07-08-2015 at 12:57 PM. Reason: Couple of typos
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