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Old 13-10-2015
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Yeah, when Morris4x4 can get parts to me from Florida to Sydney in 4 freaking days, I can't see why FCA can't do better!
Old 15-10-2015
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To be fair Jeep Australia had my back when getting the XJ's chassis tear repaired locally as it was the "local boys" kicking up quite a stink, they still had me waiting between 6 to 8 weeks to get the car back...

Just recently I needed a new timing cover and for what they wanted (local dealer) and how long it would take I just went to eBay and saved $200.
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Old 15-10-2015
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The ACCC are currently wanting to hear from any Jeep owners who are being led up the garden path waiting for parts,service problems etc In place of a large fine from the ACCC for lack of parts ,complaints not promptly acted upon etc etc FCA agreed to pick up their act re customer service problems.
However remember a number of points.!!!Chrysler were broke broke and owned by the US govt 4 years ago until taken over by Fiat.Fiat are still in a bad way , plus the new FCA aust directors are looking for $30000000.00 that has gone AWOL on the previous directors watch 2012-14 .This is going to court early Feb.Know wonder service and parts delays are still happening.!!
If anybody wants action I suggest you tell the dealer etc you will make an immediate complaint to the ACCC.
However FCA are not the only company with parts supply issues.!!
Old 15-10-2015
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The Chrysler Jeep operation in Australia has always been profitable and I recall them crowing about that when the US company was being bailed out by the US govrrnment. Much of the profitability was built on heavy markup on parts, and simple low cost supply chain tactics like not holding anything in the warehouse that is not fast moving. Dealers, which are separate businesses, have no incentive to hold parts, and they are bound to get them from FCA. My son has been caught a few times by the Mackay dealership Wednesday order deadline so its not unique, and maybe just them trying to bundle into one handling/shipping charge to save them money.
We are at the end of a long profitable supply chain , where each member, Chrysler Jeep USA, FCA, and the dealers get their margin at our cost. The part manufacturers, many are not affiliated, get paid almost nothing. Morris 4x4 can deliver parts to us from Florida cheaply and still make a health margin on their sales because they buy from the parts makers or have sourced from other suppliers cutting out the many middlemen in the Aus Dealer supply chain. It's not unique to FCA but they do it well and of course make good profits which can then be embezzled by some of their mgt team for personal use. I know a few stories about how they behaved at the last Victorian Jambo, and observed first hand one case, frankly they won't ever get another $ from me.
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Old 15-10-2015
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No def not... was talking to my neighbour on the weekend as he has just returned from his 8 week trip to far north QLD. I didnt actually realise he was back as I hadn't seen his unbreakable hilux... oh no, its sitting at a dealer up north after being towed from Camerons Corner where the gearbox died. Manual gearbox bent one of the internal shift linkages. No parts in Australia and 5 weeks into waiting for a new gearbox from Japan. No loan car. He completed the trip in one of the mates vehicles that was with him. He still has to fly back up there to pick it up when the parts eventually arrive! With no airfares either.
Cheers, Dave :)

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Old 15-10-2015
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I believe it's not only FCA, dealers also need to start taking more responsibility. I just had my service done in August and apparently identified that ball joints should be replaced under warranty. It was not until this tuesday that I got a bit suspicious of why the parts department still haven't sent me the sms regarding this part. It turns out that dealer didn't finish the request for parts properly and it takes one day to confirm parts in stock and can book for service. It seems that ordering wrong parts, forgot to finish requests are just part of the human nature (not Jeep specific).
But at least, Jeep dealers hopefully start taking things more seriously.
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Old 07-01-2016
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Default Cost and availability of spares

We broke a sunvisor clip on our GC and the local dealer flattened me with a quote of $63 for ONE clip which is no more than an extruded piece of plastic with a hole in it! Mind you there was NIL stock in Perth!
Finished up getting a PAIR on Ebay for $18 including postage.

Made a complaint to the ACCC based on what I would call 'price gouging on spares' but they're not interested as they consider it the right of the company to set their own RRP.

Seat belt stalk sensor is now playing up so I dread to think what the cost of a replacement will be. Might have to wear that one as the pinging sound is driving me mad.
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