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Old 30-07-2017
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Down the river again my private dog park the ol xj gets some exercise cruise outa town 50 kph then 10 ks of highway 110kph then down the bush transfer case exercise first into part time for a bit then high 4x4 not really needed but good for the exercise
then back to 1ws and highway run home for a beer oh and I make sure I drive up some river banks and holes for 4x4 fun
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Old 30-07-2017
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My xj out for a walkabout

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Old 07-08-2017
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New boots fitted. 235/70/16.

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Old 26-08-2017
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There's an old saying about Jeeps and it goes like this....

Jeeps are like herpes, sure it will play up from time to time, but you will never get rid of it.....

Lay down with dogs and you will wake up with fleas; scratching the surface not treating the disease. Over 5'000 Club
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Old 26-08-2017
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Replaced the cups in the rear wheel cylinders & the O rings in the power steering pipe fittings where they fit into the steering box. 7mm ID 2mm Thick O rings.
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Old 27-08-2017
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Originally Posted by anthonygubbin View Post
There's an old saying about Jeeps and it goes like this....

Jeeps are like herpes, sure it will play up from time to time, but you will never get rid of it.....
Except when her indoors keeps saying "when are you going to move that junk??"
All of that is gone now, decided to make a big telescope instead.
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Old 05-09-2017
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just got 412km out of a tank of fuel around town. big improvement on the 330km or so i have been getting lately.
You might not believe it but if the map sensor line is NOT perished to the point it leaks, the engine runs better, makes more power and uses less fuel.
Obd1 scanner.
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Old 05-09-2017
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been waiting for an engine stumble/miss to get bad enough to warrant fixing,,,it would stumble on uphill at part throttle nearly all the time...(for a few months)

today, it felt like it was having a total miss at idle every so often, and was stumbling/missing had nearly all the time.

that feels like a big miss I thought !.. lets start with the coil, should b easy

bit tricky to get unbolted, so i just wired in a cracked old spare, and tied it on with wire

runs like a dream, no hint of a miss or stumble, engine has noticeably more power..AND up to correct temp instantly, where as prior, it had been running distinctly cool

cant say 100% for certain yet, but looks promising, old one is still bolted in, will swap them about and test
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