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  • Trevb
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    • Jul 2024
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    Fuel economy

    Any thoughts on the following are much appreciated. I own a 2015 jgc limited, 3litre v6, and recently had it serviced. Before service, our fuel economy was about 9.5l/100klms around town, and down to between 8 to 9 on the highway. After the service, we are lucky to get it to 10.5 around town. Had back to the mechanics twice, first time we had 2 brand new injectors go faulty but the 2nd time can't find anything wrong and say they have set everything to jeep recommendations. What I would like to know is what others are getting for their fuel economy and any suggestions where to go next,
  • drover
    • Apr 2005
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    Mine started at low 9's years back around town now about 10 and on highway I can still get down to the low 9's but no return to the 8.4 I once returned, I have put it down to the changes I have made in oil grades as I have moved from a 5W30 C3 then 5W40 C3 then upped to a 10W40 CJ4 oil and at each change of grade I noticed it would burn a bit more, though its running far better now than it ever did, tyres can make a bit of difference as well, mine had P rate tyres when I got it and a change to LT for towing did show a slight increase in fuel burn but I haven't minded the increase as it performs very well .... I change eng oil, filter, air and fuel filters every 10K km, was using Nulon 10W40 CJ4 oil now moving over to Gulf Western Top Dog 10W40 CJ4 oil so will see how that goes...

    If you are using the evic data for fuel economy you must reset the trip A or B as well as the data on the fuel economy current use gauge so the whole thing is starting at zero then you will get an accurate figure for that distance and tank otherwise its an all over average, I find speedo distance and fuel used for the fill maths gives a better figure more often...for the period thats looked at....

    Overall I wouldn't worry about your figures as they do sound realistic in general, some get better some get worse ... of course Im talking about the diesel..
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