WL - Yay or Nay?

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  • zombie J
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    • Aug 2010
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    WL - Yay or Nay?

    Thanks for setting this garage up, Jimmyb

    My WK2 is coming to 8 years.. thinking that it could be time for change.

    The WL looks good, rides better than my WK. Engine is meh. No CRD is an own-goal I think. Prices are crazy.. PHEV even worse.

    What do you think?

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  • Jimmyb
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    • Jul 2002
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    No problems!!

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    • drover
      • Apr 2005
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      Looked at the specs for the WL, engine options no good for me, no two speed TC unless you buy the top of the line model, so as a 4WD its a fail, and I can think of far better vehicles to spend $100K plus on , only available with 20" rims, another thumbs down ................. so I think think all they have is just an AWD highway runner now with the capacity to tow a camper...
      If I go for #4 Grand Cherokee it will be a revist to a WK2 I think, WL doesn't have anything to attract me ..... if I had $100K anyway I would go a RAM myself.....
      2015 WK2 Laredo(ZG, WG)
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      • Jeeper6
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        • Aug 2015
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        Share your thoughts Drover...imo I personally would be going backwards in to a WL. I really don't like the look of them either.
        Great if you have a family and want to buy the 7 seater option, but for anybody wanting to just "upgrade" from the WK2 I think sadly they would have to look elsewhere and Jeep would lose but another customer.

        It has been noted here before that there has been a steady decline in the Jeep SUV's offroad ability to now where the offering is not much more than an upmarket AWD.
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        • eksjay
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          • Jan 2009
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          I recently had a sticky beak in a dealer show room while my JKU was in service. Saw the JGC Summit (it did not look like the L). Impressed with the level of plushness. Too afraid to sit inside that kind of lux. This one had the 7 seats. Looked somewhat cramped if I could imagine them being occupied.

          Is this the kind of luxury potential oz jeep owners crave? Maybe it is. I am not a fan of sensors, big screens and gadgets though.

          If I was in the market to buy, it would be a basic Wagoneer. I could carry everything I ever needed for a long trip without needing a roof rack.

          But I'm not in the market. Really content with my "unsensored" XJ 4.0L and JKU 3.6L.

          The RAM 1500s in the same lot were all sold and there were orders in the pipeline. They are the heavy haulers that keep the hauling of big vans legal, and the Wagoneer is based on the same underpinnings.
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          • eksjay
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            • Jan 2009
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            Here is some more info about the new JGC.

            Now available in five-seat form, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers less room and space for passengers. But at the same time, it feels more cohesive and better overall.


            the new Jeep Grand Cherokee aims for a premium take on the large SUV. However, it comes at the expense of utility.
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