Wh 3 lt diesel no power

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  • Shaneswh
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    • Apr 2024
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    Wh 3 lt diesel no power

    Hi , I have a wh 3lt turbo diesel ( merc )
    It wouldn’t rev past 1800 rpm , idles fine , threw several codes for fuel pump , maf sensor , turbo actuator, swirl motor ,fuel pressure regulator , blew plenty of grey smoke , wouldn’t go over 20 kph . Replaced maf sensor , swirl bypass , fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump in fuel tank , glow plugs
    Now it’s a bit better , will rev to 3000 in neutral , has slight improvement in acceleration, goes to 60 kph, but struggles , doesn’t blow smoke anymore . No codes ( as of yet )
    Seems to be starved of fuel , ( just a feeling )
    Any help appreciated thanks
  • Mace1
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    • May 2015
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    Hmm, the WH area is pretty quiet at the moment. Perhaps try sending AlexBrown or Gojeep a private message, they might pop on here andhave a look at your query.



    • Brockie
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      • Aug 2011
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      Not an expert but I have recently needed to replace my turbo actuator.

      Different symptoms to you though - just lacking power. Incidentally, Jeep Aus will only sell the turbo for our MB OM246 CRD complete, for $9,660 - but one can be purchased separately on eBay. Even a new turbo complete is $500-1,000 there.

      Have you recently changed your fuel filter?
      Have you checked your air filter?
      This motor has two fuel pumps

      You may need to check fuel pressure at the rail.
      Hello Long time lurker here who's in need of some help. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD which is fitted with a Mercs lump. I had a problem with a leaky injector which has now been replaced after some poor starting problems. Now I have another starting problem:( After a spate of poor...

      Your issue seems to be fuel flow - an air restriction, or perhaps an air leak between air filter and turbo.

      A while back I needed to replace the two rubber orange coloured seals - one at the turbo inlet, and the other at the EGR.
      Jeep Aus cannot supply them - but eBay can.

      The inlet air system must be airtight otherwise sensors will give false readings.
      Otherwise look to fuel pressure at the rail.

      Just a fw suggestions. Good luck.
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