Oil Cooler Removal/Replacement

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  • Briaineo
    • Feb 2016
    • 39

    Oil Cooler Removal/Replacement

    Greetings form the emerald isle

    My oil cooler has pooped again and let oil into the coolant system, I only had it done for the same reason a year ago - used aftermarket cooler big mistake!

    Is there a link anywhere on the removal/installation of the cooler - I'm not doing the job myself but the same mechanic is doing it as last year: It took him a while to get the old one off so if there was a step by step guide that would be great.

  • Ben-n-Jo
    Established Member
    • Apr 2016
    • 150

    I followed festers post here.
    Hey guys any ideas why my new WG CRD piece of crap just dumped all it's engine oil into the cooling system and why it had to do it here at Rainbow Beach with van in tow just as we are heading for home. No warning lights no overheating no misfiring no lack of power. Only my wife noticed as we parked and headed off for morning

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    • lekie
      Senior Newbie
      • Jun 2009
      • 56

      Oil Cooler Removal

      Hi All
      This thread points to a post from Fester about the removal of the oil cooler but I could not find anything.
      Is the set up the same for the WG and WJ?
      How is the cooler integrated with the radiator?
      I have a leak at the fitting where the pipe/hose enters what appears to be the radiator. My mechanic was not much help.
      I don't have any oil the cooling system.



      • Adrian D
        Lowranger Shocker
        • Apr 2007
        • 1630

        diesels and petrols have different radiator systems.
        The engine oil cooler is installed on the oil filter housing. The transmission cooler is part of the radiator.
        Originally posted by Barefoot
        Hey I wonder what happens if I plug this wire in therAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH............